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The mission of ESSIR is to give to its participants a base knowledge related to the core subjects of Information Retrieval (IR).

The Information Retrieval (IR)


IR is the science concerned with the effective and efficient retrieval of documents starting from their semantic content. IR is employed to choose some information need from an amount of digital documents. IR activities permit to reach automatically those digital documents of the collection that are relevant for the initial userís need of information. The IR core methods and techniques are those for designing and developing IR systems, Web search engines, and tools for information storing and querying in Digital Libraries. IR core subjects are: system architectures, algorithms, formal theoretical models, and evaluation of the diverse systems and services that implement functionalities of storing and retrieving documents from multimedia document collections, and over wide area networks such as the Internet. ESSIR is intended for researchers starting out in IR, for industrialists who wish to know more about this increasingly important topic and for people working on topics related to management of information on the Internet. For further information:

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