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This site was restyled by five students attending an academic course, given by professor Maristella Agosti with the collaboration of engineer Marco Dussin, between December 2009 and Febrary 2010.
The aim of this course was to give students knowledge of the basis of a web site, and the opportunity to put them into practice with some working sites that needed a restyle. Our group ("ESSIR 5") had the luck to work on the official Essir web site, and did the best to make it up-to-date and easier to surf. We changed both form and content, and we expanded it to include more pages and photos.
We thought that the central thread could be the web map, with arrows that showed news and information poiting towards "ESSIR" sign. The meaning of this graphic work is to represent Essir's mission: to explore and expand the limits of information retrieval.

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Members of "ESSIR 5"
Valentina Bolcato, Giulia Brigato, Sara Carniato, Erika Dal Monte, Roberta Zago

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