LogCLEF 2011


The LogCLEF multilingual log analysis evaluation initiative has created the first long-term standard collection for evaluation purposes in the area of log analysis. The LogCLEF 2011 lab it is the continuation of the past two editions: as a pilot task in CLEF 2009, and a workshop in CLEF 2010.

The Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) promotes R&D in multilingual information access and is an activity of the PROMISE Network of Excellence

LogCLEF 2011 is one of the benchmarking activities of  CLEF 2011 that will take place in Amsterdam in September 2011.




2011-10-15: added LogCLEF slides

2011-06-22: important dates

2011-03-14: link to log dataset files active

2011-03-14: TEL description of data


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